As the month of October neared and the time for the next monthly clinic defense was coming up, I knew it wouldn't be as big of a show as I had previously experienced for one reason. That reason is because the main organizer of the processions, Christopher "Fidelis" Moscinski was just released from jail around the week prior to this Saturday, October 1st, 2022 so I knew he was prone to show up but I knew he would not do anything too risky.
It has become more of a common phenomenon now for counter protestors to write slogans on the brick walls than in previous times. Pictured above a counter protester walks by a message written in chalk that says "Fuck this Church!"
A counter protestor with a sign directed at Fidelis marches alongside everyone else. The sign reads "GET FUCKED FIDELIS!"
The private security they had hired the month before was still present at this clinic defense and people seemed to take note they were still using the same amount of security as before.
Pictured above, Christopher "Fidelis" Moscinksi gazes out at the counter protestors behind the church gate. Many protestors take note of his appearance and begin to shout "Fuck you Fidelis" and "How was Jail?" He faces Federal charges as a result of clinic obstruction on the morning of July 7th, 2022 in Long Island because he padlocked the only gates to the entrance of the Planned Parenthood shut before they opened in the morning.
Pictured above, someone wrote "How Was Jail Fidelis?" on the backdoor of the church.
Pictured above: A Witness For Life member's printed sign lays in a bag that says "Pray to End Abortion. 40DaysForLife".
A pro choice counter protestor holds her sign to her back to show the pro life people what it says, in response someone puts their pro life sign up to hers. (Also pictured below as well).
Pictured below: A pro life person stops on a pro choice counter protestors umbrella after an altercation broke out between them while standing behind each other.
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