A few verbal altercations between pro choice counter protesters and a Pro life, Pro Trump supporter happened before the NYC For Abortion Rights group got organized and ready to march.
Pictured above a counter protestor can be seen writing with chalk on the church wall in an act of defiance against them.
(Pictured above). A member of Witness For Life peers over the gate out towards the counter protestor.
A counter protestor gives one of the Witness For Life's private security guard they hired the finger, in which he replies by sticking his tongue out in mockery.
Pictured above Witness For Life members exited out through the back entrance of the Church again this time but instead of being in a large processional group they left on their own individually.
This immediately showed how aggressive the counter protesters were willing to be to get the Pro Life people to not go to the church by any means necessary of physically blocking, and shoving them. (Pictured above and below).
A pro life protestor holds up a sign infront of the Planned Parenthood clinic quoting Margaret Sanger the original founder of Planned Parenthood. 
Pictured above on the left: A counter protestor holds up an umbrella to block the sign of a pro life protester. Pictured above on the right: A woman named Joan kneels in prayer, she has been arrested over 100 times for clinic invasions.
Pictured left: A pro life protestor is trying to film pro choice counter protesters but is blocked by a sign and an umbrella from the counter protestors.
Pictured below: Bernadette Patel is pictured on a sign with devil horns photoshopped onto her head and also exclaims she is not with Planned Parenthood and that she is posing as a fake escort.
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